F-ARTS... a breath of fresh air.


F-ARTS...Well everyone needs a memorable name donât they? And I donât think you will forget this one.

F-ARTS stands forâ¦

Flying -
Repair &

It is designed around the general aviator. The normal âguy and galâ whoâs passion is to fly and be up there with the birds. Our biggest problem, apart from the weather, is that bureaucracy and the high cost of aviation is slowly turning us into Dodoâs. Unable to fly due to the high costs. This site I hope to develop so I can provide low cost maintenance and CAMO service to the general aviator. I have no dreams of becoming rich through this business, but to support the GA community. After allâ¦the misconception is that all pilots are rich. Well we are not. Just passionate about flying. My pleasure is to stand back at the end of the runway and watch you fly past with a big smile on your face.
I hope to provideâ¦

Weekend farts - To support the weekend aviator
Wet farts - To support the amphibian aviator
Early morning farts â To support the early riser so he can get an hour in before going shopping.
Dark farts â To support the night time pilot.
Slow farts â Support the vintage wood and fabric aircraft.
Quick farts â Support the more streamlined aircraft.
Noisy farts â To support those with the large engines.
Quiet farts â For the non powered aircraft pilot

I think you get the ideaâ¦

Terry Akerman


Email: f.arts.eu@gmail.com


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